Verde / by Brandon Bryant

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Photographer: Nick Urteaga (@n_a_urt66) - Canon 60D

Attire Details (make sure to click and check them out):

Made to Measure Blazer & Trousers: Cesar Renuan

Dress Shirt: Charles Tyrwhitt

Neck Tie: Harrison Blake Apparel (Similar)

Pocket Square: Sold out (find other squares)

Socks: H&M (4 pack $9.95)

Footwear: J.Crew

Time Piece: Timex Weekender

Leather Bracelet: H&M (Similar)

Ok ok ok, everyone knows black is back. All black everything, black leather, matte black. We get it already right? What people may be missing the boat on is society's emerging new favorite color, "Verde" also known as Green. Lately, my entire closet has seen many new additions of weekender bags, rain coats, "Pharrell hats" and all these new additions are the color green. Not just any green, but forest green. So now to feature my latest addition of green attire, made to measure trousers from Cesar Renuan.  Since I knew I was not going to be wearing these bad boys to work, I thought I should pimp them out a bit.  I had them retrofitted (yes I said it ha) with all the cool bells and whistles which included side adjusters (this means this is a no belt loop zone), 1 inch chunky cuff, and a very aggressive hem around 1.5 inches higher than normal to add an old school look. I even had buttons put on the inside for the use of classic button hole suspenders (will be putting those to use frequently during the summer time). Ok gents, now that you know society's emerging new favorite color, go get something Verde!!

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