WSP x The Art of Shaving / by Brandon Bryant


Happy 2017! Over the past few years men have increasingly paid more attention to personal style and now its time to focus on personal grooming.

I teamed up with the good folks over at The Art of Shaving for the launch of their new fragrance collection. I decided to go with a modern gentleman vibe for this partnership. So I threw on a suit & tie and made sure to play a bit with the colors and patterns to bring out some character.

First, a little history on the brand. The Art of Shaving is a brand with lots of history, 20 years to be exact. As a leading men’s grooming brand they have a mission to help elevate the grooming experience for men from a chore to an enjoyable ritual. The brand initially started from a small shop here in Manhattan and has since grown to a robust collection of over 150 male-focused luxury retail shops across the country.

Now, lets talk about the fragrances. I had the chance to test drive five different scents and the two I enjoyed most were the Oud Suede and Green Lavender. The Oud Suede has a deep wood smell that I believe is good for a night out on the town or dinner with your significant other. The Green Lavender had an herbal tone to it and could be worn both day and night or for work and play.

Blogger Pro Tip: Feel free to blend scents together to get an elevated and unique scent. My suggestion is to blend the Green Lavender with Vetiver Citron. These two scents blend well, the sharp lavender and refreshing orange of the Green Lavender blend well with the smoky vetiver and sweet lemon of the Vetiver Citron.

Well now that you guys have had the chance to visually experience and hear more about the new fragrances be sure to go check them out for yourself (here)

Thank you as always for reading and let me know your thoughts on my outfit today and on the fragrances when you try them out.

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Post Details

Photographer: Nick Urteaga (@coastal_flicks)

Location: Midtown West, New York

In partnership with The Art of Shaving

Attire Details (make sure to click the bold words and check them out):

Suiting, Dress Shirt & Tie: Freeman Sporting Club


Well that’s all for now, let me know your thoughts. Talk soon!

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