WSP x Paris / by Brandon Bryant


Photographer: Zac and Clay Chambers (Brothers and Craft)

In collaboration with our brand sponsors:

Cole Haan, Jack + Mulligan and Filmore Skin Care

Happy Humpday! Guys, its been a whirl wind this week. We had a tough time finding transportation from London to Paris. We tried to purchase train tickets from London to Paris for a 2-hour train ride and the price skyrocketed to around $250USD and we decided to take a 8hr+ bus ride from London to Paris. It was actually pretty neat to see the French countryside and we had a chance to meet people while we were on the bus. By the way, I know what your thinking, how did we take a bus to Paris if the only way is by water….. Well our bus drove for a few hours then the bus drove on a train and we went under water for a few minutes. So that was a cool highlight.

Anyways, while in Paris we were somewhat of tourist since none of us had been before and we did not have any strong contacts there. We went to The Louvre to see the Monna Lisa and did a photo shoot right outside. We also went to a few really cool cocktail bars like Experimental Cocktail Bar which reminded me of a NYC lounge in the lower eastside and we also went to another spot called Moonshiner which has a pizza shop in front of it and you have walk through a steel door that leads to an intimate speakeasy with a smoke room in the back.

Man, what a dream come true! Paris was so amazing, I wish I had more pictures to show!

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