WSP x GQ x Hugo Boss / by Brandon Bryant


Photographer: Me (Brandon Bryant)

Location: Columbus Circle, New York

In partnership with Hugo Boss

Attire Details (make sure to click the bold words and check them out):

Suiting, Dress Shirt, Tie, Dress Shoes: Hugo Boss

Hey guys, hope you’re doing well. Excited to show an awesome partnership I just finished up with GQ and Hugo Boss. It was a cool intimate in-store event with GQ Stylist Brett Fahlgren and NY Giants Running Back Rashad Jennings.

The event had a small Q&A between Brett and Rashad who discussed fashion in sports and also Rashad's humble beginnings on the football field. Rashad had a very heart touching story of how he was able to get his first shot to play in a football game in high school. He was a 4th string running back at the time and his high school team was playing their arch rivals for the last game of the season. As the story goes on we find out that all three other running backs get injured and then the coach had no choice but to put Rashad into the game. His first play ended up being a 30 yard TD run. Before the game was over Rashad went on to score 2 TD's on offense and 2 TD's on defense for a total of 4 TD's. That was the start of his now illustrious football career.

After Q&A the event focused on the new mix and match suit separates Hugo Boss was releasing. If you take a look at a few of the pictures above you can see some of the new collection.

Well that’s all for now, let me know your thoughts. Talk soon!

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