WSP x Uber (Spike Lee) / by Brandon Bryant

Hey guys hope all is well. This post is in partnership with the folks over at Uber. Today’s post is focused on the hustle + grind of chasing down your dreams.

In case you haven’t read any of my previous blog posts with Uber, it’s a ride sharing app that lets you request a ride in over 600 cities across the globe.

Now let’s jump into today’s focus. Uber recently teamed up with visionary Spike Lee to showcase the drive + scrappiness of 5 Uber driver-partners in the Brooklyn area in Uber Presents: Da Republic of Brooklyn. This short film series follows the journey of how Uber empowers their hustle and how it allows them to have more control of the finances and schedule while they focus getting closer to their dreams. Whether a woman who is riding for Uber Eats to support her acting career or a gentleman who drives Uber with his dog as his co-pilot, these films are eye opening to the advantages Uber provides to their driver-partners

In regards to my personal hustle if you told me 5 years ago when I graduated from college that I would be a top content creator who works with companies (household names) around the world and that I would have founded a venture capital fund that focuses on investing in people of color + women I would definitely not believe you.

The past few years have been filled with ups and downs for sure. I remember the day I started my blog Wall Street Paper (Jan 19, 2015) like it was yesterday. I shot 4-5 outfits every week and posted 3+ times a day on social media. I attended every industry event, met with marketing leads at brands and spent every piece of my down time studying the content creator realm. I did this all while working 90+ hours on Wall Street as an investment banker. Looking back there wasn’t one particular moment that help me to take off, it has been an accumulation of small wins over a long period of time. It's also been from failing fasting and learning from those failures. I really don’t know where I will be 5 years from now but I suspect I will be focused on getting a little bit better everyday, soaking up knowledge from my experiences and continuing to fail fast.

The photos above are just a few shots in between meetings + calls on a typical on the go day in NYC.

Make sure to check out the film series here (UberPresents)

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Photographer: Mark Asuncion (@moodbymark)

Location: New York

In partnership with Uber


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