Winter Rust / by Brandon Bryant

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Photographer: Matthew H. Mendez (@mrmendez20)

Attire details (make sure to click and check them out):

Made to Measure Suit: Cesar Renuan

Dress Shirt, Wool Neck Tie, Wool Body Warmer Vest: Spectre

Socks: J.Crew (Whole Selection)

Footwear: Allen Edmonds

Time Piece: Timex Weekender

With the temperatures fluctuating so much lately (especially in NYC) you have to be able to adjust to the weather and still look the part. In my recent collaboration with Spectre on their Winter Look Book we highlighted the Wool Body Warmer Vest, which is not as heavy as an overcoat but will stay true to its namesake and keep you warm. At the same time it will add a ton of flavor to your outfit and set you apart from the everyday young professional wearing a navy suit to the office. I thoroughly enjoyed the way all the patterns and fabrics came together to create one sound accord. Gents, please remember during the winter it is the perfect time to test the limits of layers, textures, patterns, etc. Lets also not forget my suggestion from my first post about choosing a solid color tie when wearing a heavy patterned shirt. The same logic applies for this plaid vest. The chunky wool tie compliments the subtle hint of brown in the vest and gives the outfit a very rustic look. If you want to dig deeper on the subject of pattern mixing, Fashion Beans has a great article I came across a while a go that goes into more detail. Lastly, if you live in NYC please check out Spectre in person at The Chelsea Market Arts and Fleas at The Chelsea Market when you get a chance and tell Jeff I sent you.

Thank you for reading and Let Your Voice Be Heard Below!!