WSP X Allen Edmonds Pt. 1 / by Brandon Bryant

Photographer: Arian Jabbary (PHOTO+ARIAN°)

In collaboration with Allen Edmonds

Attire Details (make sure to click the bold words and check them out):

Suiting: Born to Tailor

Bracelet: Dowling Brothers

Time Piece: Timex

Socks: Stance

Footwear: Allen Edmonds

Happy #DapperHumpDay!! This weeks focus is on Allen Edmonds and the release of their new shoe, the Cornwallis (click here). The Cornwallis is influenced by millennial trends in London. I thought the perfect place to show these bad boys off would be Stone Street down in Financial District at the crack of dawn with not a soul in site for timeless frames to capture the true beauty of these amazing shoes. I coupled the shoes with a full canvas navy plaid double breasted from Born to Tailor which made for a show stopping combo. Be sure to let me know your thoughts and make sure you get your pair of Cornwallis this fall!

Thank you for reading and Let Your Voice Be Heard Below!!