WSP x Uber / by Brandon Bryant

Hey guys hope all is well. Recently teamed up with the folks over at Uber. Today’s post will touch on my 9-to-5 use of the ride service app.

First off - Uber is a ride sharing app that lets you request a ride in over 600 cities across the globe. Its affordable and tends to be a quick and reliable way to get from A to B whether using it to get around town or traveling afar.

In my Uber journey today I have 3 back to back activities. Starting the day off with a photo shoot at my new apartment in Harlem. After shooting a few client projects I head to Harlem Coffee Company for a new business meeting. I hate running late, especially for new meetings, so I rely on Uber to get me to my meetings in time and use the share trip status feature to notify the person I am meeting on when I will arrive.

Once my meeting is wrapped, I need to jump downtown to head to SoHo to meet with creative agency and shoot more content. From Harlem to SoHo, I rely on Uber to get me there as I can prep for my next meeting en route and take time to knock out my emails. If the meeting calls for me to bring my equipment, I opt for uberXL, as it’s still affordable but has more space.

Finally, the day is over and now it's time to head home to prepare for tomorrow and do it all over again.

Post Details

Photographer: Mark Asuncion (@moodbymark)

Location: New York

In partnership with Uber


Let me know your thoughts on the photos, until next time!

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