WSP x Uber II / by Brandon Bryant

Hey guys hope all is well. Recently teamed up with the folks over at Uber. Today’s post will touch on my recent pre-Christmas festivities made easy by using the ride service .

Not sure if you read my previous blog with Uber but it’s a ride sharing app that lets you request a ride in over 600 cities across the globe.

In my Uber journey today I have go get all the fun ornaments for my “first” real Christmas tree experience. BTW it really makes the apartment smell amazing! I started with scheduling a ride with uber ahead of time. I tend to be pretty focused on a task and having the ability to plan ahead makes life easier.

I then head to Target to get all of my supplies for wrapping presents and decorating the tree. After picking up everything on my list I decided to grab a few last minute presents to friends and grabbed a Uber gift card on the way out of the store.

Finally, headed back home to put of the tree and wrap presents!

Post Details

Photographer: Mark Asuncion (@moodbymark)

Location: New York

In partnership with Uber


Let me know your thoughts on the photos, until next time!

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