WSP x Crowne Plaza / by Brandon Bryant

Hey guys hope all is well. Super excited to share some new content from New York Fashion Week (NYFW) that I had the chance to work on. Today’s post is featuring the new collaboration between Timo Weiland and Crowne Plaza on the new wardrobe collection called MOMENTUM for Crowne Plaza’s hotel team members. There has been a new trend (which I am in full favor of by the way) of clothing brands working with large companies to have design led wardrobes for their employee work force.

Many companies like Crowne Plaza have employees who are the first and last impression that the modern business travelers interact with. Which is why the collaboration makes a ton of sense and it also boosts the employee moral to come to work in something they enjoy wearing. Clothes can greatly impact the confidence and work output of an employee, so it is best to cater to new and modern styles while still being professional.

Timo and team had the great pleasure of working closely with the Crowne Plaza and their employees who will be wearing their wardrobe collection everyday. Matter of fact, a few employee’s actually had the chance to walk in the fashion show wearing the collection.

Now let’s talk about the show & clothes! I had the chance to go backstage and witness the upbeat pace of typical NYFW pre-show madness. Timo and team were well prepared and had multiple walk-throughs, makeup checks and quick outfit adjustments. I snagged a few pictures while I was at it! Not to mention, there was an awesome pre-show performance by Ocean Park Standoff

I really enjoyed the simplicity and modern swagger of the men’s and women’s collection. Timo and team stuck to blacks and whites and would layer in greys and plums for subtle touches. Many companies have a one size fit all mentality when it comes to the employee wardrobe, that was not the case in this new collection. Timo and team made sure to make a collection that fit all shapes and sizes. In addition, I enjoyed that both men and women employees have quite few options to choose from. Men can wear a parka, cardigan, sweater, sweater vest and different dress shirts to work. Women can choose from sweaters, blouses, dresses, dress shirts and they have tailored blazers. It’s safe to say that the MOMENTUM collection was a success and you could see the joy on the faces of the employee’s faces backstage in the group picture with Timo and team!


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Photographer: Nick Urteaga (@coastal_flicks)

Location: Midtown, New York

In partnership with Crowne Plaza x Timo Weiland


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