WSP x London by Brandon Bryant


Photographer: Zac and Clay Chambers (Brothers and Craft)

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Happy Sunday everyone!! I am writing this post from the other side of the pond right now in London! Having a bloody good time over hear. I have became something like a regular over here and have really started to rub elbows with creatives and common folk.

Day 1: We flew into London on a redeye and landed bright and early at 8am. First thing we had to do was go to the ATM to get some  cash (British Pounds) to survive and then we grabbed a oyster card  to use the tube for transportation, which is basically like a metro card for us New Yorkers. When then made the hour and a half journey from the airport in west London to  Shoreditch in east London which most people compare to Williamsburg back in NYC. We were a little jet lag and after a 5 hr nap we were ready to take on the day. We attended a London Fashion week presentation for the brand Ben Sherman and we had a chance to run into a friend I knew threw Instagram, Mr. Hat. He eventually turned into our tour guide for the trip and gave us inside tips to the lingo, places to go and what to expect from London.

Day 2: We had the chance to hang out in West London and went to go see Big Ben, then we strolled over to Convent Garden to eat at everyone's favorite Indian restaurant, Dishoom. By far the best Indian food I have had in a very long time, we actually tried to eat there on Day 1 but the wait was about an hour and 30 min. After changing and browsing shops and boutiques back near Shoreditch we headed back to our flat to get ready for the night time festivities. We met up with our tour guide Mr. Hat and started off with drinks at this place called Box Park, which is a cluster of pop-up boutiques from the best of London in fashion, food and culture. Afterwards we headed back to our flat to make some specialty cocktails in preparation for our first official night out and Mr. Hat took us to the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch which has an amazing club downstairs with the latest "Grime" rap music and we danced the night away with new friends.

Day 3: After a long night of dancing we had to have some brunch, so we went to have fish and chips at a pub in West London and met up with a family friend of the gents from Brothers and Craftwho happened to one of the singers for the amazing A capella group the Swingles. The Swingles actually travel around the world for more than half the year singing in places like Dubai and Denmark and open for the likes of Adele and Kelly Rowland. Safe to say brunch was amazing with fish and chips and great conversation. Then we went to Buckingham Palace to be a little touristy and snap some shops. Afterwards, we went back to Shoreditch to meet up with my new buddies (Pete and Jens) who I met on social media and they run this really cool Youtube page called Whats Good London. We both thought it would be cool to shoot a video for their Youtube page showing me around London and talking about fashion. So Pete and Jens showed us around London for a few hours, we ate at this amazing food market called Dinerama. Its comparable to Smorgasborg in Williamburg but inside of a market place with great music and TV's. After Dinerama, I gave the guys a gift, a few really good grooming products from Filmore Skin CareOur last stop of the day was this awesome undiscovered gem in East London called Discount Suit Company, which is an underground speakeasy type bar. If you guys are in London and have a chance to go here please grab my favorite drink called the "Conference Call". Well thats all for now, we are headed to Paris tomorrow on a 7.5 hour bus ride. I am sure to have plenty to write about that bus ride.

P.S. Jens from Whats Good Londonlost a bet with Pete and had to wear a fur coat all night with sunglasses as a joke (see the last picture) but it actually was a hit with everyone and he ended up getting more style compliments than me somehow. I guess I need to step my fur coat game up ha.

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Where are you from and where do you live now? I'm from NJ and currently commute to NY for my work at HuffPost Live Small bio I love watching movie trailers I don't trust people who wear shoes on the beach James Baldwin, Richard Pryor, & Toni Morrison are the What college did you attend? Villanova University What is a motto / quote you live by? Teamwork makes the dream work Best first date idea? Can't be giving away the secrets! My advice, though? Never do the same first date twice. If you're at all serious about the date, it should be completely tailored What is your favorite drink? Bourbon & Ginger Ale List 3 hobbies Taekwondo, Cello, Snowboarding - none of which I do enough of these days What are 3 words you use to describe yourself? Corny. Genuine. Wordy. What are 3 things you look for in a significant other? Modest. Cocky. Imperfect. What is the business you’re involved in? I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man. I'm involved in a number of fields, but primarily social justice & journalism. What made you passionate about this business? I have always been compelled to understand. Whenever I don't get something, I need to do whatever necessary to figure it out. Injustice, racism, prejudice...these things don't make sense to me on a very fundamental level. I realized that this is a good thing. Instead of looking to "figure it out," I need to work to mitigate them in our society (usually by giving people the tools to figure out themselves that these societal problems don't make any sense. One thing you’ve learned from your life as a (nerd) Learning is cool. Reading is cool. Anyone who says otherwise doesn't do enough of either. What are your goals for the future? I want to make people's lives better, have fun, & somehow make that a living at the same time.

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Where are you from and where do you live now? Harlem, NY Small bio I received my degree in Economics from The Ohio State University and I am now an Investment Banker / Menswear blogger who has been featured in GQ, Complex and Fader What college did you attend? The Ohio State University What is a motto / quote you live by? Work Hard Stay Humble Best first date idea? Gallery Hopping in Cheslea What is your favorite drink? Jameson, splash of coke, two rocks List 3 hobbies Basketball, Collecting shoes, Photography What are 3 words you use to describe yourself? Driven. Charismatic. Witty. What are 3 things you look for in a significant other? Intelligent. Beautiful. Thoughtful. What is the business you’re involved in? Menswear / Social Media Consulting What made you passionate about this business? The ability to create content for partners and successfully connect them with their end audience organicaly gives me a feeling of instant gratification One thing you’ve learned from your life as a (creative / entrepreneur) Closed mouths don't get fed What are your goals for the future? Expand the blog to lifestyle and create larger campaigns for our partners

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Where are you from and where do you live now? NY Small bio I invest professionally and personally in a number of startups and early-stage ventures. I recently graduated from Harvard where I studied Applied Math, Economics and Energy. Outside of work I love music, tech, fashion and traveling! What college did you attend? Harvard CollegeWhat is a motto / quote you live by? "Your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing." - A. Lincoln "Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have." - Eckhart Tolle Best first date idea? Something simple, fun, and memorable What is your favorite drink? Classic Manhattan List 3 hobbies Travel. Tech. Sports. What are 3 words you use to describe yourself? Confident. Creative. Driven. What are 3 things you look for in a significant other? Thoughtfulness. Honesty. Understanding. What is the business you’re involved in? Finance/Investing/PE&VC&BusDev.  I invest in/buy high-growth later-stage companies and startups, and help grow/scale existing companies that our fund owns. One thing you’ve learned from your life as a businessman (Young Professional) “We often miss opportunity because it's dressed in overalls and looks like work” ― Thomas A. Edison What are your goals for the future? To name a few...

1. Keep living a purposeful life

2. Keep dreaming

3. Travel more (a few places on my list: outer space, (revisit) the jungle)

4. Make the most of every opportunity that comes my wayyy (Fetty Wap voice lol)

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Where are you from and where do you live now? Raleigh, NC by way of Detroit, MI Small bio  Tech Entrepreneur & CEO based in NYC. A Well who has spent time since graduation in 2010 living in 5 major US cities and 2 international countries. Former management consultant What college did you attend? UNC Chapel Hill List 3 hobbies Long Distance Running Spontaneous Travel/Adventure Reading What are 3 words you use to describe yourself? Insightful. Friendly. Quick-witted. What is the business you’re involved in? THRONE, ( a technology company building tools to enhance the consumer experience within the sneaker and streetwear community. What are your goals for the future? My most immediate goal is to rapidly scale my and grow my company. I'm excited about building a company and platform that provides value to an often overlooked community. Outside of work other goals include continuing to be a positive influence and role model to my mentees and completing my first full marathon this year.

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