Red Bottoms / by Brandon Bryant

Photographer: Arian Jabbary (PHOTO+ARIAN°)

Attire Details (make sure to click the bold words and check them out):

Suiting: Cesar Renuan

Dress Shirt: TheTailoryNYC

Neckwear: TheTieBar

Pocket Square: Arnold Steiner

Bracelet: Dowling Brothers

Time Piece: Daniel Wellington

Footwear: Beckett Simonon

Happy #DapperMonday!! As you may know already I am giving out Summer Tips every week and this week we are featuring my favorite statement piece of my wardrobe, the infamous burgundy suit pants. Also played around with a little color by adding the brown tie (strongly suggest adding a brown tie to your wardrobe). Lastly, had a chance to break out the suede double monks to top off this amazing look with 1 WTC in the backdrop. Let me know your thoughts; Summer Tip #9 - Buy a brown tie!

Thank you for reading and Let Your Voice Be Heard Below!!