Air Tie / by Brandon Bryant

Photographer: Arian Jabbary (PHOTO+ARIAN°)

Attire Details (make sure to click the bold words and check them out):

Suiting: BornToTailor

Pocket Square: Arnold Steiner

Shades: Triwa

Bracelet: Dowling Brothers

Time Piece: Mvmt Watches

Footwear: Fred Perry

Weekender Bag: J.Crew

Happy #DapperMonday!! As you may know already I am giving out Summer Tips every week and this week we are featuring the most popular tie trend, the Air Tie. Gents, lose the tie and button up the top button. You can see this look at the Grammys, Golden Globes, and the Oscars from the biggest names in fashion. Its the hot new trend thats very simple to pull off. Just check out this recent article in GQ that shows the origin of the Air Tie (click here). Let me know your thoughts; Summer Tip #10 – Implement the Air Tie!

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