Business Class / by Brandon Bryant

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Photographer: Nick Urteaga (@Coastal_Flicks) – Canon 60D

Attire Details (make sure to click and check them out):

Overcoat: JackThreads (signup)

Dress Shirt: Cesar Renuan

Neckwear: Aristocrats bows n ties

Pocket Square:

Pants: Pursuityourself

Fish Hook Bracelet: Dowling Brothers

Time Piece: Timex Weekender

Socks: J.Crew

Footwear: Zara (Similar)

Let’s take a flight, but we’re not flying economy.... Today we’re flying business class with great style. Two highlights of this look have to be the elegant glen plaid trench coat from JackThreads and the wool plaid tie from Aristocrats bow n ties. While working in finance, I have seen it all when it comes to coats. I’ve seen the original black long coat, the tan trench coat, and regretfully, the oversized puffer / Antarctica parka - a real style killer at the office. When choosing a coat for work you have to make sure it’s not too much (i.e. red, 100% cashmere, royal blue, fur, or any other obnoxious color / material that brings unwanted attention). In fact, you want to exude a presence when you arrive at work or your final destination. I chose to work with subtle patterns and colors that really catch the eye and add character to the ensemble. When you throw in the wool plaid tie, it gives the outfit just the right pinch of texture. As I always mention, please do not over step your boundaries with patterns and textures. Less is more gents! I will leave you with this, when purchasing a winter coat: 1. It should not surpass the knees (this helps elongate your body and makes you look taller/more suave) 2. Do not be afraid to get a coat with patterns (it adds character and style the outfit underneath) 3. Choose a universal color (grey, blue, black or even dark green) so that you are able to wear the coat with multiple outfits and get your money's worth. Please let me know what coats you have recently purchased or if you have any burning questions about coats in the workplace.

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