Smart Style / by Brandon Bryant

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Photographer: Nick Urteaga (@Coastal_Flicks) – Canon 60D

Attire Details (make sure to click and check them out):

"Smart Style" Box:

Sportcoat: J.Crew (Similar)

Dress Shirt: Cesar Renuan

Fish Hook Bracelet: Dowling Brothers

Time Piece: Timex Weekender

Footwear: Zara (Similar)

Happy #DapperMonday gents. This week I curated’s “Smart Style” box with the patented WS paper flare. The Smart Style box consists of 4 items; a tie, tie bar, pocket square and socks to mix and match with your current wardrobe. Or, for the go big or go home types like myself, you can wear them all at once as I did in the pictures above. Once again, I played around with textures and patterns. First, note the grey wool sportcoat with the brown suede elbow patches designed to accentuate the complementary brown tie. Complementary brown tie or not, elbow patches are always a #holygrail type addition to any outfit. To top of the look, I went with the two toned striped socks with a contrast heel.

To mimic this look and get the best bang for your buck, check out and search “wallstreetpaper”. Even if the Smart Style box is not for you (highly doubtful, I know), be sure to check out the rest of the dope menswear featured on Let me know your favorite item of the “Smart Style” box and any of your #holygrail additions to an outfit in the comments section!

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