Fifty Shades of Blue / by Brandon Bryant

20212 119 6AS

Photographer: Nick Urteaga (@Coastal_Flicks) – Canon 60D

Attire Details (make sure to click and check them out):

Quilted Sportcoat: J.Crew

Walker Vest: J.Crew

Denim Shirt: H&M (Similar)

Pocket Square: Arnold Steiner

Jeans: H&M

Fish Hook Bracelet: Dowling Brothers

Socks: Stance

Footwear: Cole Haan

Headwear: World of Hats (Yelp)

In honor of the new movie, Fifty Shades of Grey, I thought to shed some light on styling multiple shades of the same color with simple layering. Lets start from the surface with the quilted sportcoat, it is not on the radar of many fashion enthusiasts yet but I think the texture gives the sportcoat a classic and sleek winter coat vibe and the patch chest pocket helps accentuate the pocket square. In my opinion, the go to piece of the winter this year has been the zip up vest. Every gent needs to have one in his arsenal. It essentially lets you wear lighter more fashion forward outerwear during colder temperatures and adds more layer options that you cannot really get with bulky winter outerwear. Now to my bread and butter, Denim on Denim – not too much, not too little, but just right! This has been a favorite go to of mine lately, when doing denim on denim I like to always have the pants darker than the shirt. It’s just easier on the eyes for me. Other key items to note would be the wristwear and footwear. These two areas can make or break an outfit. I usually prefer brown shoes with denim, which give the outfit a pop. Wristwear in my opinion should always clash with the outfit colors to create a little excitement and flare. Remember gents, every article of clothing you have on should be a conversation piece and have a story behind it. If it does not then you should leave it in the closet.

Special thanks to Arnold Steiner who laced me with a courteous care package, more outfits to come with his elegant pocket squares.

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