Allen Edmonds

WSP x Allen Edmonds Factory by Brandon Bryant

Photographer: Arian Jabbary (PHOTO+ARIAN°)

Attire Details (make sure to click the bold words and check them out):

Outfit 1 -

Coat: Vintage

Sweater and Scarf: Grayers

Footwear: Allen Edmonds

Outfit 2 -

Suiting: Cesar Renuan

Dress shirt: Suit Supply

Footwear: Allen Edmonds

Happy #DapperMonday!! This week’s focus is on my trip to Port Washington, Wisconsin with Allen Edmonds! This trip was amazing because we had the opportunity to have a cool rental car (Cadillac), stayed in an amazing bed and breakfast hotel (The Port Hotel), and the best part of the trip was meeting the CEO and the rest of the Allen Edmonds' team when we had a tour of their factory where they make 2,500+ shoes everyday!! I will keep this blog post short because I believe the pictures speak louder than words.

I will leave you with two amazing reasons why you should invest in a pair of Allen Edmonds. First, Allen Edmonds is all about fit. They have a larger selection than any other dress shoe brand to my knowledge, which adds up to be over 100+ different sizes (size 6 to 16 and narrow AAA to wide EEE). Second, Allen Edmonds has a recrafting program. When your shoes are a few years old and they need a new sole and a shine, you can send them back to the company through the recrafting program. This program has 38 steps that will bring your old shoes back to life and leave them looking brand new. Gents, buying shoes is a huge investment. You would rather spend a few extra chips to get a pair thats fits well and is durable than buying a cheap pair that will run down easily. Well that is all I have this week, please let me know any Allen Edmonds stories you may have below and make sure to check them out if you haven't yet!!

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