Coffee in Brooklyn / by Brandon Bryant


Photographer: Nick Urteaga (@Coastal_Flicks) – Canon 60D

Attire Details (make sure to click and check them out):

Double Breasted Blazer: Cesar Renuan

Dress Shirt: Cesar Renuan

Vest: J.Crew


Jeans: Vintage

Fish Hook Bracelet: Dowling Brothers

Time Piece: Gents Timepieces

Footwear: Zara (Selection)

Headwear: World of Hats (Yelp)

Happy #DapperMonday! I hope you all had a great Easter holiday and wore your Sunday's best to church. I know you are wondering what I wore, but we’re going to have to wait for next week before I share the outfit details. Instead, this week I want to introduce the Coffee Shop Series – a little change of pace where I will be hanging out with menswear influencers at the best hidden gem coffee shops in the NY area to share tips, tricks and threads.

Today's post is a collaboration with my man Rob Mangano (@dressedtoill). We met up Cafe Pedlar in Cobble Hill where we munched on some pastries, sipped on some coffee and talked over our Spring 2015 fashion plans before roaming around the Cobble Hill to check out some of the area’s unique menswear shops like Brooklyn Circus (@bkcircus).

As for my outfit, I switched it up with my favorite new piece, a double breasted blazer from a collaboration with my tailor Cesar Renuan. And, with the weather starting to warm up, I decided to layer it with a quilted vest instead of a top coat. Per usual, the Pharrell hat made an appearance. It just had to happen.

Be sure to let me know your thoughts on the new double breasted blazer and go check out @dressedtoill and Cafe Pedlar !!

Thank you for reading and Let Your Voice Be Heard Below!!